Services | Daniele Montano
Restaurant start-up concepts & openings

Having a smooth and positive opening from day one is crucial to both a successful operation and over-all staff morale. Be realistic on your opening dates - less than 5% of all food establishments open by their original target date. Know the pitfalls that can happen and how to prepare and prevent for unwelcome events. We will make sure that you are battle ready and not stumbling when your doors open – you only have one first impression. We will assist and coordinate all your pre-opening and start up needs to ensure a smooth transition from construction to operations. Procurement of all the items (perishable and non-perishable) that you require to get your business up and running properly. Helping you zone in on your original concept and theme without getting “off the tracks” or hitting the “panic button” – keeping the upward and onward philosophy a positive and forward one. We are specialized in italian, french, oriental and turkish cuisine.

Capital budgets and financial planning

Before you open, you need to be prepared for the financial challenges and stresses that are to come. Get a hold of your expenditures to keep you on budget as most restaurants on average overspend by 20-30%. Understand and realize what you need as opposed to what you want – and back shelf those items for year two CapEx. We will help you be resourceful and find the best pricing for the items you need to keep you on budget. You need to give your business a chance and staying on budget from day-1 will give you that opportunity

Restaurant operations, guidance & maintenance

Maintenance of your ongoing business systems to ensure that the controls and procedures are up to proper standards. Evaluating your competition to ensure that your business is online and competitive in today’s tough marketplace. Concentrating and focusing on updating company goals.
Menu design and consultation
Physical menu design based on venue themes and style – your menu is your original sell point and most important tool. Will work with menu companies to fit your budget and needs. Menu planning to itemize content that will meet your clientele’s expectations while keeping the menu costs on line with your desired food cost budget. Will monitor and tweak menu content after you open to make the menu work for you and keep the clients coming back. Static, cyclic, market and hybrid menu content styles to ensure your guests don’t get bored after the “honeymoon” phase.

Business plan formatting

A business plan is crucial to understand your business and potential market. If you need additional capital investment, your business plan is your most critical blueprint. We will guide you en route to maximizing your plan effectiveness by making sure all your impact points and concepts are underlined – from descriptive concepts, themes and strengths, right through to the critical financial pages.
Social media and website development
So important in today's restaurant world is the realm of social media networking. Restaurants can no longer stand or succeed on quality or performance alone. With the many social platforms available, we will help you build your business via social media networking, event planning and online marketing; enabling you to reach an audience far beyond your expectations. We can also build and launch your website that you can easily maintain with updates, images and events as well as online ordering and retailing.

Marketing and development

Your business needs a jump start and you need to get the word out to make this happen – “if you build it they will come” does not happen in today’s market. There are many forms of media you can take advantage of with minimal cost – not just social or print media; but ambient, undercover, viral and other forms of guerrilla marketing.
Market analysis and branding
Understand who you or what you need to be – know your clientele market and everything about them. Building a valued brand is crucial to having your business succeed beyond your expectations - the way in which the public perceive your business will determine whether it will become a “need” as opposed to a “want”.
Staff hiring and training
Your staff are the first line of contact the guest will have – great staffing ensures a great business. We will show you how to hire the right individuals for the right positions and stay within an acceptable payroll budget. Staff need to be trained in order to sell you concept and perform efficiently – the small investment made and time put forth will prove an invaluable asset as clients may come in at first for the food, but will return for the service.